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TGR, Gutenberg, Rubric

March 2015



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TGR, Gutenberg, Rubric

What publishers want from book bloggers, reviewers, and readers

You’d think this would be obvious, right? Glowing words of praise. “OMG this is the most awesome book EVAR!” Undying fandom. Lots of email.

Of course. That ranks right up there with six figure advances from major publishers and million dollar movie rights. Every publisher… every author… harbors that secret longing.

But we’re not stupid, either. If you reviewed every book with the same glowing terms, it would be the same as not reviewing them at all. I once tabulated the results from a literary evaluation in which one reviewer had rated 7 out of 10 manuscripts with a perfect 10. I had to throw out the entire results from that reviewer because they showed no discernment among widely varying qualities of the manuscripts. Publishers and authors depend on your insightful, honest, and well-worded reviews.

Beyond what you post on your blog, however, there are three very simple requests that publishers have that will also extend your influence among readers by an order of magnitude. We consider these things as important as any words you write on your blog or send us in email. And it seems that almost no one does it!

  1. Share your review and rating on Amazon.com. It is a fact of the industry that reviews and ratings at on-line retailers influence far more buyers than reviews in all but a few other forums (NYT Book Review, for example). If you like a book (and even if you don’t) share your opinion at the book’s official review site.
  2. “Like” and link to our Facebook pages and web pages. All those stories you hear about how a book goes viral and magically reaches best seller lists because fans promote it on Facebook happen because people like you participate in the process. You extend our reach.
  3. And speaking of extending the reach, re-tweet our book announcements and help keep our books in the public eye. Even if I had 20,000 followers (which I don’t expect I ever will), a couple dozen re-tweets would double my audience. The fewer followers I have, the more likely your re-tweet will reach people who aren’t already on my list.

We crave those few things—mostly pretty simple—as much as your kind words in your review. And the best part of this is that you will extend your reach and sphere of influence more rapidly as well. Just as I scour the messages on #ArmchairBEA for people I want to follow, people will discover you and associate you with books you review and promote.

I want to thank all the book bloggers, publishers, and participants/organizers in #ArmchairBEA this week for making this an exciting week, and wish you all the very best for your review sites. Long Tale Press and NEW Signatures will continue trying to visit every single one until we get to them all! Until next year (or the next Twitter Party), best wishes!