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TGR, Gutenberg, Rubric

March 2015



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Deadlines and decisions and I need you!

I am about to send The Gutenberg Rubric off to print. But I’ve never before faced so many decisions about a simple little print order. First off, there is pricing. I’m trying to put this at a price-point that is as low as possible and still be able to make some money (and share some with Seattle Center for Book Arts). I decided it had to come in under $13. I started out thinking it would be 12.99, but 12.95 seemed to be a more popular book price. Then I did some calculations and decided that if I sell for $12.79, anything I sell here locally will come out to exactly $14 after sales tax. I think my convenience when it comes to making change may win on that one!

CoverScreenShotSecondly, I’ve got options that I’ve never had before in the materials for the book. Instead of 5.5 x 8.5 inches, I’m going to step up to the full trade paper size of 6x9. Let’s face it, 5.5x8.5 always did look like a folded sheet of letter paper (which is what it was). The per unit cost is the same, though increased weight means I’ll pay slightly more for shipping. But it is worth it. I’m also going with more traditional crème paper color instead of bright white. I am, after all, producing fiction, not science textbooks. And finally, I’m so happy to see that I have the option of a matte laminate finish for the book instead of the standard print-on-demand glossy finish. Especially with my photographic cover art, the matte finish will really look good. Overall result will be a much more professional-looking book, ready for display on bookstore shelves as well as online.

Picking a release date has been a challenge as well. I’ve chosen July 28. That’s after Harry Potter has opened and all the chatter has died down. It’s just before the PNWA Literary Conference in which the book was one of last year’s award winners.

And now I need you! I am actively looking for friends and fellow authors who will assist in promoting the release of The Gutenberg Rubric. I have nearly 500 people on my mailing list to whom I will send an announcement on release day. I have ~900 Twitter followers and 250 Facebook friends, not to mention nearly 100 friends here on Live Journal.

But that’s a drop in the bucket.

I need 10 friends/authors with similar statistics who will send a release announcement to their mailing list, blog about the book on their blogs, post about it on Facebook, and Tweet about it on Twitter. I’ll provide all the copy, and while it will encourage people to buy, it won’t be embarrassingly effluent. No claiming to be the most important piece of literature so far this century (or even today). Just a solid synopsis and purchase information with a place for you to tell why you are letting people know.

In return, you get two things: 1) I’ll do the same for you when your book is released. 2) I’ll send you a free eBook copy of The Gutenberg Rubric!

How about it? Let me know if you are willing to participate.