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TGR, Gutenberg, Rubric

March 2015



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Two Cents, Self Portrait

Giving Big through The Seattle Foundation


It’s December in June. You know all those last minute donations you make at the end of the year, just to get a tax break? Well, there’s a little incentive to make them early this year. Seattle Foundation is staging a “Give Big” day today, making it both easy to give to your favorite King County charity and stretching the funds through a percentage match from the foundation and Give Big sponsors. I’ve been bothered by not being able to give at the level I want to since becoming unemployed 2 1/2 years ago. (Yeah. 30 months!) That’s why I’ve dedicated portions of my book royalties to my favorite charities. But today, I’ll scrape together what I can and make a modest donation to three King County organizations that mean a lot to me. That little donation might not seem like much, but through this remarkable event, it gets a little bigger.


First on my list is Studio East—Training for the Performing Arts in Kirkland. I’m on the board of directors at the Studio, mostly because I’ve seen firsthand what a difference it makes in kids lives. My daughter started in the Young Actors Professional Intensive four years ago and has been on-stage and backstage for numerous performances and classes in the past four years. I’m convinced that her experience with Studio East is what led to her application and acceptance at Cornish College for the Arts in Seattle where she’ll start her formal education in Performance Production this fall. Studio East tops my list for Giving BIG today.


Second is another organization that is dear to me personally because I’ve had a long-standing love affair with printing and publishing history. The Seattle Center for Book Arts gets a fair share of my donation today. You’ve heard me mention SCBA in my posts about my new novel, The Gutenberg Rubric. In fact, today I’m donating in advance on the percentage of royalties for that book that I’ve dedicated to SCBA when it is released on July 28. I got involved on the board of directors for SCBA a couple of years ago when I was casting around for something to do that would get me closer to traditional book arts like typesetting, printing, and book binding. SCBA offers classes and free workshops for kids at Seattle area libraries this summer. In the electronic age, it is great to keep kids connected to the heritage of books.


Finally, but not least, I’m making a small donation to Seattle’s Union Gospel Mission. I’ve tried to get something to this group every year, simply because people are in need. I don’t share religious beliefs with the Mission, but I do share compassion for the homeless and the hungry. The Mission provides meals, shelter, clothing, and counseling for hundreds of people who can’t make it on their own, either temporarily or long-term. As I’ve eaten my way through my savings the past couple of years, I consider a donation to the Mission a way to “pay it forward” and keep the plight of people worse off than me in mind.

I’d love it if you joined me in donating to these organizations by clicking on the organization name above to donate through GiveBIG. But even if my favorites aren’t on your list, please consider making a donation through the site to your favorite charity. It’s a way to enhance your gift and make a little bigger impact than you might have otherwise been able to make.

Thank you!