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TGR, Gutenberg, Rubric

March 2015



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TGR, Gutenberg, Rubric

Trip update, new blog, nervesssss

I just ordered 100 more copies of The Gutenberg Rubric to be drop-shipped to Minneapolis where I’ll have my first book sales on September 5 after a 4-day drive from Seattle. Every time I write a check and think, these are my books, made out of paper, that I will sell, I get a bit of a queezy stomach. It’s pretty ballsy, don’t you think? I’m carrying a computer with order info and addresses where I can drop ship to different places around the country—just in case I run out!

I keep trying to not make my expectations too high, but also not to drop them so low that there is really no reason to go. It’s quite the balancing act. This, as they say, is it.

I’ve begun my new trip blog where I’ll be focused on the travel, people I meet, pictures of the events, and news about where I will be next. I’d love it if you tune in at http://www.gutenbergrubric.com/blog. I’ll be posting continuously now until after the trip is finished at the end of September (technically, October 2) and then regularly as I continue to work on a book about the experience of being your own publisher/promoter/presenter/salesman. I think it’s going to be a lot of fun, so please stop by and comment on what you read!

Speaking of updates, I now have six blogs on my simultaneous blog-tour. I have a lot of open dates, so if you are interested in a guest-post on your blog, I’d love to contribute. And I’ll continue to post here on LJ and FB as the trip progresses as well. I figure that with the blog, guest posts, and this space, I’ll be writing the equivalent of another NaNoWriMo novel (50,000 words) during September! I’ve got to see how that works with driving 8 hours a day to get 7,000 miles in.

Here are the locations and dates for my coming blog-tour. If you have a date in September that you’d like me to guest-post on your blog, let me know.

Check out these great bookblogs in advance. I’m sure you’ll want to follow them.