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TGR, Gutenberg, Rubric

March 2015



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TGR, Gutenberg, Rubric

A Bit About Stones

For what it’s worth.

Consider stones. They are all around us. They lay on the ground. They jump up beneath the tires of our cars. The stream burbles over the top of them.

Stones are pretty remarkable. You can pick them up, throw them, put them in a slingshot, use them as a weapon. If we believe Judeo-Christian legends, Cain rose up and slew Abel with a rock. In the stories of Steven George & The Dragon, Simple Simon kills the sphinx with a rock and Gareth polishes off the ogre with a rock.

We build castles, walls, and prisons with stones. And they are strong as a rock.

We also build homes and bridges, churches and altars out of stones. We grind them up to make concrete and build roads. We polish them and put them on the finger to show love and commitment, as mentioned in the first two paragraphs of The Gutenberg Rubric. We carve them into artwork.

No stone demands that we believe in it.

No stone insists it is the only stone.

No stone incites wars against people with other stones.

No stone demands sacrifice, worship, praise, or thanksgiving.

Stones are oblivious to race, creed, national boundary, and place of origin.

I have faith in stones.

Just saying.

Day 16 stats

Broadway VA to Fredericksburg VA, to Broadway VA to Mathias WV to Broadway VA.
Miles Today: 307
Total Miles Driven: 3613
Bookstore appearance at Griffin Books in Fredericksburg
Family reading for sister’s 6 kids and several grandkids