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TGR, Gutenberg, Rubric

March 2015



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Finally on the market

Actually, it's on the market right on schedule. My house is for sale. The past two weeks have been frantic, trying to get it ready. That includes moving the wife out and over to her new apartment, getting the daughter to clean up her room, and painting, patching, and cleaning everything in the house.

Things just worked out differently than we planned. I was supposed to be on a plane yesterday afternoon heading back to Texas to resume my leisurely trip across the U.S. Just as I was loading my bags in the car, we got a call to tell us the wife's stepdad was in the hospital and not expected to make it through the weekend. Instead of going to the airport, I cancelled my flight, wife booked the redeye to Minneapolis, and I did the final clean-up and get ready to show.

At 11:00 this morning, there was a line of six people at the door waiting for the open house to start. Total of 23 between 11:00 and 4:00. (Just had to stop and let another agent and her clients in. That makes 24 today.) I've had to be out of the house most of the day. (Oh my. There's another one.) I'm thinking of turning all the lights off and the porch light off like we do on Halloween to indicate there's no more candy!

Well, the new development means I'm going to be delayed in continuing the trip. I don't know if it will be for only the weekend or for a week or two. I agree with my daughter that this is a lousy place to live while it's being shown every day. I already have scheduled three showings for tomorrow and just got a call for another in an hour. Then it's open houses all day Saturday and Sunday. Yi! I want to get back to my trailer and start southeast from where I left off in the Texas Panhandle. If I can't get to Louisiana by February I might scream! I can't say how much I wish I was stretched out in my nice comfortable bed in the trailer thinking about what I might see tomorrow. I don't know where this ache to travel came from, but the trailer is my home and I can't wait to be back in it.

There's not much there. About the only thing I've acquired since I left last August is a new hat and a pair of boots. It's a simple life and in July when I'm back in Seattle again, I intend to finish my downsizing by emptying the 5'x5' storage unit that I've kept with things I wasn't quite ready to part with. That's the difference, though, between my wife and me. We tossed a lot of stuff, but really, the house is still fully furnished. She's moved to a two-room apartment and has it stacked floor to ceiling with boxes of stuff she isn't ready to part with. And she has overflowed into other parts of the house where her unit is. I can't believe how much stuff she wants to keep in her newly downsized and simplified life. I think of it as putting nine rooms of shit in a two-room outhouse. It stinks. How much of the furniture that is here will she want to move over there instead of selling?

I talked to my daughter about downsizing. She's got a ton of stuff and was really stressing about what to get rid of. The amount of stuff she plans to move with her to college is staggering. I told her that a friend said most people in the United States accumulate at a rate of doubling the amount of stuff they own every three to five years. I find it incomprehensible that in our mobile society we accumulate so much! I would think that the more people move around the less stuff they would have. There used to be an old saying in the military that five moves equal one fire. But now it just means a gain in square footage to fill. Someone stop the insanity!

Enough rant. Soon . . . Very soon, I'll be back in my 16 foot trailer and touring the country some more. I think I'll go to Maine in May.


I often say: We spend the first half of our lives accumulating stuff and the second half of our lives getting rid of stuff. :-)