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TGR, Gutenberg, Rubric

March 2015



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TGR, Gutenberg, Rubric

What could happen in Minneapolis

I'm not sure yet, but this may have been what happened with Dag in Minneapolis:

Dag was beginning to think he'd missed his flight home to watch Angel on a shopping spree at Bloomingdale's. When she moved, it was so fast he almost lost her. She hopped back on the light rail toward town with her roll-aboard and three shopping bags. But instead of going back to the main terminal or downtown, she hopped off at the charter terminal. The doors were about to close when Dag spotted her walking away on the platform. He dove off the train just before it was too late and waited behind a pillar until he saw her enter the long covered walkway marked "Humphrey terminal." It led across an open parking lot to a parking ramp and from there to the terminal. Dag could see the terminal entrance across the open lot and decided he could make it on the diagonal before she could navigate the parking ramp with her heavy load of packages. He was making a bet that she was headed to the terminal and not to a waiting car.

He entered the main terminal out of the cold and looked around. It wasn't long before Dag saw Angel at the top of the escalators from the skybridge connecting the terminal with the parking ramp. But it wasn't Dag she was waving at. He turned and saw Simon as he met Angel at the foot of the moving stair. Dag used the time the were greeting each other in a none-to-discreet way, to slip up on Simon from behind. When they turned, Simon was startled to see Dag there. He was busted and knew it, but he still had the upper hand. He invited Dag to either admit that he was losing Simon again, or to come with him on his private jet. Dag had no grounds to get Simon arrested so agreed to go with them. Simon wouldn't tell him where they were headed. Dag found himself on the private jet headed generally southward, not knowing where to. They had left Minneapolis.

Wow! I found out that a private plane is not required to file a passenger manifest aside from saying how many are traveling. The names are not included. They have to file a flight plan to get clearance to take off, but there are no restrictions over leaving the country. They have to have permission from the foreign government to land, however. So Simon could take Dag anywhere at this point. We'll have to see if Dag can figure out where and if he can let anyone know. It means that Simon is going to live to leave Minneapolis. Will he live to return?