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TGR, Gutenberg, Rubric

March 2015



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TGR, Gutenberg, Rubric

I know who dunnit! and how.

I just figured out who killed Simon and how. Now I know something that Dag doesn't know. No, this is something I'm not telling you either. Read the book!

I've also figured out the secret to the tattooed code on Simon, Bradley, and Angel, and a secret that Dag is going to die not knowing. (Leave something for Riley to uncover in the next book.) It is actually a 512 bit encryption key (very secure). The thing is that each person knows part of the key, but no one knows the whole thing. And even when you have all the pieces, you still have to figure out how they go together. It is possible that Simon knew the whole code. It could be that it is something Dag designed in his youth when he knew Simon and Brenda. You'll just have to read the sequel to find out!

Finally, once you know the code, you don't know the code. Each piece is a 128-bit key to something completely different. No wonder it has taken Dag a month to break this thing. If he had a Cray super-computer, he might be able to do it a bit faster, but you wouldn't trust that kind of thing in the hands of the guys who run Cray supers!

I've also just about nailed down where the money is coming from that Simon is laundering, and how he gets it. But I've also figured out how Bradley is making money without Simon knowing it and is laundering it through Simon's transactions. It is when Simon finds out where Bradley's money is coming from that he suddenly gets religion, so to speak, and starts giving it all away.

Now, if I can just figure out what happens on day 11, I'll be a lot happier than I am at the moment.

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sweetness! congrats,that's a big step!

lex has started talking to me, mostly through music (i now have an itunes playlist devoted to her) and claire is becoming more and more essential to the novel. (i don't know why but last year and this year my MC's best friend has been more helpful and more easy to figure out than the MC... does that ever happen to you?)
Thanks, and yes. Last year I had several people comment that my MC was not nearly as interesting a character as some of the others who really took over the story (especially Mad Aunt Hattie). The MC turned out to be more of a facilitator of the story, actually almost incidental to the events being played out. Of course, that was, to some extent, the intention. He was supposed to be an accidental witness to the events that were happening around him.

Here's where I will get into trouble, but I know that religious and philosophical discussions are of some interest to you, so I'll pontificate for a while and maybe you'll find something interesting enough to respond to.

Let's take as a given (in this instance alone) that the Judeo-Christian God exists and takes (or took) an active part in the affairs of humanity. But, for argument's sake, let's suppose that this God never intended to reveal him/herself to humanity explicitly because humans experience things in just three dimensions (four if you count time) and God experiences things in so many dimensions that there is no possible way for humanity to even theorize their existence let alone understand it. So when God's agent to humanity of the moment (for example, Jesus) needs a direct consultation with God that includes more of these dimensions, he has to do it in secret and in disguise.

So this agent takes three trusted but human friends with him up on a mountain "to pray" so that everything looks normal, then when he gets up there, he puts the humans to sleep so they can't witness what goes on. Then, because the agent is trapped inside the understanding capabilities of a human body, God appears for a consultation. But one human body isn't enough to capture an adequate number of God's dimensions, so He/She appears in multiple bodies.

But before the consultation is over, the humans wake up. Maybe there was a miscalculation in the knock-out drops, or simply the amount of energy that was present flowed over onto the sleepers and woke them, but the point is that they weren't supposed to be awake. They weren't supposed to see Jesus with Moses and Elijah. And they weren't supposed to understand anything that was being said. But they did. Something in the conversation sounded like "my son," a phrase that was the closest approximation to the relationship that they could make out.

Oh my! they say. Jesus is God's son! This isn't just a movement to reform our society and get us on the right path. This is a new religion! If this is the Son of God, then we should worship him!

It was only a small step from that to bishops, a pope, and holy wars. Why? Because Peter, Andrew, and John "accidentally witnessed" something they were never supposed to see and didn't understand at all. But written from John's point of view Jesus overwhelms the main characters in the story, including John's correct role where he was supposed to.... I can't tell you what, because John's story never got developed. It was overwhelmed by what was supposed to be a secondary character (Jesus).

Do my characters ever get overwhelmed like this? You betcha. Right now it's a tight race to call as to whether people will remember Dag or "Don't call me Debbie" Riley, especially since I'm setting it up for Riley to be the MC and narrator of the next story. It will be interesting in that story to see if she can break out from under the shadow of her deceased mentor. I don't know yet, I'm still trying to get Dag's story to make sense.

I always love hearing how your characters are doing, and obviously love to expound on my own ideas. LMK what you think.
Besides, Crays are overrated any more. These days, distributed computing is where all the action is at...