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TGR, Gutenberg, Rubric

March 2015



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TGR, Gutenberg, Rubric

I swear to god it was fish!

I am completely baffled by a country that doesn't seem to know the concept of a sweet roll! I've gone to breakfast in my hotel each morning expecting something like the strudels and pastries that were there in Salzburg and Barcelona and Paris and London, but the best I've been able to do is a piece of rye toast. Not even any preservs or jelly that I'd be tempted to put on it. And it's not like I have sweet rolls every morning for breakfast, but it is one of the little sinful pleasures that I really look forward to when I travel.

Then we came out of conference for coffee break at 10:15 this morning and there was a beautiful lemon coffee cake served with the coffee. Yep. I sweart to god it had fish in it. I took a huge bite and almost gacked on the salty fishy taste under the lemon. I almost cried, and have tears now just thinking of it!

Fortunately, the afternoon break had a kind of sticky bread bun with big chunks of rock sugar on top that I almost passed up because I thought it might be salt! Well, it was mostly bread, but it was nice to have that little sweet burst with my coffee! Otherwise the conference is going well, though it is difficult to stay awake in the afternoon when you are all still in REM and my body still thinks it should be. I listened to the presentation of one keynote and 14 research papers today. Some were quite good. Some were academically sound but boring as hell.

This evening's reception sponsored by the city of Espoo in the cultural center included a couple glasses of good wine and shrimp, herring, smoked salmon, cucumbers (at every meal, in a big way) and--dare I say--reindeer. Yes, I had a taste of Donner and Blitzen, and it was darn good! Santa's a little understaffed this year, I think.


I took a huge bite and almost gacked

oh man, why did the word 'gacked' alone make me crack up. I'm sorry, it's not funny when someone feels that reaction. I've just never heard the word. but it sounds very appropriate.