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TGR, Gutenberg, Rubric

March 2015



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TGR, Gutenberg, Rubric

It was a very good year...

Well, Frank Sinatra I'm not, but it's been a good year for me nonetheless. I made a ton of new friends on the Nano boards, wrote (blogged) my 86,000 word novel, Accidental Witness and finished it on-time in November. Had a good solstice celebration. Spent January re-writing Witness with great help from dragonslaire and got stuck on the last two chapters, still waiting to iron out that mess. But submitted the story to the PNWA Literary Competition and even though I didn't make finalist, I got very nice comments from the critics. (Didn't like the fact that I sent it in on A4 paper instead of 8.5x11. But I was in Europe when I printed it, for Pete's sake!)

Speaking of which, I went to Barcelona in February. Week at a conference and a week with the family. Absolutely wonderful! Incredible food! Made a big splash getting some business docs written, edited, and published. Included some other nice successes on the job. Good trip to Reno in the spring. Relax, play, thaw out, and sight-see. Lots of work all summer re-doing the house DW bought to rent. DD got back into skating competition at last and won two out of three competitions. Wrote a research paper and had it accepted at a big conference. Now published. Went to Finland to present it. Made lots of new friends and associates.

Spoke four times at the UU church. Spent five months thinking about the next Nano, drafting timelines, plotlines, character sketches, outlines, settings, researching stuff, cool. Included a trip to Minneapolis for family reunion and a side trip for story research. Finally, bought a new car and took delivery the night before my birthday.

Amidst all that, it has been a good year for being with friends and family, feeling creative, writing, drawing, and generally living life to the fullest. Yeah, it was a very good year. Bring on the next one, I'm ready!


Solstice? I'm familiar, but curious to know why you celebrated. Is it religion related?
I celebrate (in some modest fashion) all the 8 grove festivals of the year, but Winter Solstice has had tradition and ritual for me for over 20 years. I keep a blog that is just about religious/pagan/ritualistic thoughts at Ritual Reality where you can see my log from Solstice 2004. It is pretty typical of the way we celebrate Solstice. Most of the other celebrations amount to little more than acknowledgement of the day, but I often conduct a celebration at the local UU church. For Fall Equinox I did a talk about how Gutenberg killed Christianity rather than a more traditional equinox celebration. I always have difficulty with the autumnal celebrations because I'm dealing with so many personal celebrations (anniversary and birthday) at about the same time.

I've made a life-long study of paganism and mythology (shelves of books on the subjects), which is why your cupid story rang such a bell with me.
I don't want to sound rude, but you are a Neo-Pagan?

Just curious, because I'm a new pagan, and was wondering. I'll have to check out your blog.
I'm not sure that was the word that was applied almost 30 years ago when I started changing the way I viewed the world. I guess that is a pretty good term, though. I just don't happen to be affiliated with any specific tradition or group. I celebrate the pagan holidays, try to maintain a close connection to the earth and the life it contains, and have a great interest in and belief in ritual in all its various forms. If you are interested in some of the reading material that I've found, I'm happy to correspond: nwesignatures@hotmail.com. None of what I have is really very new if you are looking for recent thinking. Try contacting dr_pretentious if you want to know more in the way of formalized neo-paganism. She has a wealth of information.
Ah. I see. I just didn't want to sound rude. *sheepish smile* It's great to know that you celebrate the Pagan Holidays. I do too, just not like you do.

I might email you later.
A new year all ready?

I want to know more :)
No, just a review of the past one. Kind of my way to wrap up my birthday celebration yesterday. It's always fun to take a minute and look back, especially when my job and general personality keep me looking forward so far most of the time. Thanks for all the good wishes!