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TGR, Gutenberg, Rubric

March 2015



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TGR, Gutenberg, Rubric

*Facepalm* I could be writing!

This sudden revelation hit me while I was standing on a ladder painting the shingles above the door of the rental unit. I have to tell you my plan, then I have to get to work!

I've been working on plotting, calendars, and characters for Security & Exchange since April. Security & Exchange is my Nanovel for this year. It will be narrated by Dag Håmar, a great middle aged male detective who is dying. The action in the story takes place on the 30 days of November this year and Dag will expire on November 30. Dag's capable, young, and sexy apprentice is Deb "Don't call me Debbie" Riley. My intention is to have her pick up the narration for the sequel to Security & Exchange, now titled Municipal Bondage, on December 1 to tell the story during the 31 days of December. In order to capture her "voice" (after all, I'm not a 25-year-old hot female) I created debriley where I've been posting mostly interviews and memes to try to get used to writing like her, explore her character and how she thinks, and solicit your feedback and comments. I intend during the month of November to let her comment on the action of Security & Exchange from her perspective, not really telling the story of S&E, but just what she is doing during it. Then on December 1, I intend to use the same journal to spin the tale of Municipal Bondage.

*light goes on* None of the Deb Riley material is part of my NaNoWriMo. I could be writing any amount of it now! I could be writing up her diary of the 30 days of November (which will stretch me to write at the same time that I'm writing S&E) now. I could even start writing Municipal Bondage! If it happens (as frequently does) that the plot takes an unexpected turn during November, the material for Deb will simply be revised to match. I'm still a long way ahead. I am starting the Deb Riley story now! (Of course, I won't be posting any of it until the days in November and December that it actually takes place on.)

And now for something that I need to say whether you read or not. It is just important to me.

How I feel about writing

When I realized today that I could start writing on the stories and actually start putting words in my characters' mouths, I felt my body physically change. You may have experienced this. I've certainly heard words in your posts about how hard it is to wait. Well, I felt my heart speed up a little. The excitement that overwhelms me when I'm writing is comparable to only one other thing and I tend to want a lot of that while I'm writing, too.

There is a part of your chest that lies pretty much centered and just between your heart and your throat. I'd call it my throat, but it's not really in my throat. It tingles. In fact, it throbs. I take incredibly deep breaths and they come out as sighs. My eyes have the same feeling as when they are about to tear up. The back of my neck feels like the hairs are standing up. I can feel the adrenaline coursing through my veins. All my senses become more acute. I can think what my characters are feeling and I feel it. I feel so complete when I am writing fiction that it... I've lost an adequate word to express it without sounding trite or clichéd. I am alive.

I have to stop now and start writing.

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Three cheers for writing! And for you for coming up with a way to sate the beast that is anticipation!

I completely understand and agree with what you've said about writing, btw. I'm never so happy as when I'm writing fiction. Alive is the perfect way to describe it.

Rock & write on!