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TGR, Gutenberg, Rubric

March 2015



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TGR, Gutenberg, Rubric

Simon has left the building...

Simon just left for Singapore yesterday. This is the last time that he'll be heard from till Dag finds him. What are the clues that Simon has left behind.
  1. I'll call you tomorrow from Singapore, Brenda.

  2. Always remember, if anything ever happens to me, give Dag my laptop. He'll find me.

  3. It's always a risky business. I'm not carrying anything important on this trip.

  4. No, I'm not flying myself that far. Peter is piloting the plane.

  5. I need my hard-sided briefcase.

  6. I'll be back by Monday.


Question I've been meaning to ask. Are you only posting on Blogger, or here as well? And if it's the first, is there a way to RSS, because I really would love to read along, but there's like a 98% chance I'll forget unless it shows up on my friends list.
I'm only posting at blogger, but I'll post a daily link here. I believe it's possible to put my blogger on rss, but I haven't looked up the procedure. I definitely set it up to publish the feed. I'll see if I can find the instructions and send them to you.
I'm looking further, because everything is more interesting when one is procrastinating database searching. =D It's there, but you have to provide the URL for the feed.

Pooh to Blogger, I was expecting a handy little button I could just click. Although, if you're going to be posting a link every day, that will work. And, I suppose it's not like I won't be seeing you during the month or anything, so that would in theory remind me to open a new browser tab too.
sweet - i want a feed too! thanks for researching this. kudos to the procrastinator!
Okay... is it sad or cool that I am anticipating reading your NaNovel as much as I am writing my own?

Well for me it's pretty cool, but it's kinda sad for you. If you're just reading and not writing, then what am I gonna read for... you know... sex?

Well I do have a jump on you timezone-wise, so I'll be writing my little heart out! I even plan to drop some plot in there too. But it's Lit Fic so it's really about the chars dysfunction... and how they manifest in their relationships... which are often sexual. XD
::jumps up and down:: yay yay yay

are you excited?