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TGR, Gutenberg, Rubric

March 2015



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TGR, Gutenberg, Rubric

First day in London

Well, it is about 6:00 p.m. here in London and I'm going to go get some food soon. I got in after a pretty good flight at about noon. Managed to get a train go Paddington Station and then a taxi to my hotel. The hotel isn't much. I have both a double bed and a single. I thought I was going to have a king when I reserved this, but I'm too tired to argue. It's just me in the room.

After I got settled in, I went out for a good long walk, lunch, and a cup of coffee. I scouted out where my training is on Monday, then headed down toward Leicester Square and Chinatown. Tomorrow is Chinese new year. There will be a big parade down in that area and I plan to be there. They were getting everything decorated this afternoon and the crowds were already incredible. Tomorrow the center of the 200,000 plus people who will come out for the parade will be in Trafalgar Square, so I've decided to stay up in Leicester Square to watch.

It's also the heart of the theatre district (Soho and the West End). I was just too tired to pick up a bargain ticket for tonight, but while I'm down there tomorrow, I'm going to see if I can get a matinee ticket for Equus. Yep, you HP fangirls. This is the one with Daniel Radcliffe in it. I'd like to see if he can really act. If I can't get a discounted ticket, though, I'll probably choose one of the other 30 or so shows that are playing within a couple of blocks of there. I remember both of the previous occasions when I've seen shows here in London even though one was in 1970 and the other was in 1989. Let's see. I think I'm due for another London theatre experience.

Well, I'm going to go find some more food before I crash for the night. Had fish & chips for lunch and a good cup of espresso. If you read Dag's description of drinking coffee in Security & Exchange, you have a pretty good idea what it was like for me to get that cup of espresso this afternoon after flying all night and getting only about 2 or 3 hours sleep.

Oh! That reminds me... I sent off the synopsis and sample chapters of S&E to the PNWA Literary Competition on my way to the airport Friday. Now I can forget about it for the next three months before I'll be able to find out anything about how well it does, and comments won't come back until after the conference in July. I think I'm attending this year. I actually joined the association when I sent the entry this time. Well here's hoping.

I'll post pictures of the trip as soon as I get them uploaded. Maybe later tonight if I don't go immediately to sleep!


Jet-lag. I left out the line that said thank you to all my friends who read and commented on the S&E Synopsis. Your suggestions made it much stronger. Thank you all!
I'm really sorry that I was not able to give you feedback. At the moment, I'm not feeling well and have been just trying to survive this last week. I had some very unruly high school students that just wore me to the bone. I found myself wanting to quit the job, though I really do like the job in general... I find it challenging, which normally is a good thing, but the last group of students I had was the most disrespectful, unruly, and loud group of high school students I think I've ever encountered. It was a rollercoaster - some really good points and some really bad points. Hopefully next week will be a little better and a little calmer.

Good luck with all your projects and please keep me informed on how you are doing.
Don't worry about the synopsis; take care of yourself. I understand what an unruly lot of hs kids can do to you. DW came home from substitute teaching in a HS Math class a few days ago and said one class almost had her too upset to speak, and she's got oodles of experience. Class was so bad that one of the kids came up to her after class and apologized for the whole class. That doesn't happen often!

So just know we're concerned for you and hope you get a little balance back so you can recover from the tough spots and get the joy back. Take care.
thanks. *hugs*
Enjoy London! Hmm, I was there in August 1989 and I never did get to the theatre. Perhaps next time....