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TGR, Gutenberg, Rubric

March 2015



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TGR, Gutenberg, Rubric

Life in overdrive...

Well, I'm feeling less overwhelmed this week as I've gotten to the point that I expect to take a vacation soon and I've begun knocking the projects off my work list. Spent Sunday through Wednesday in Vegas where the temperature was 87 degrees all week! All the northwesterners at the conference spent every break outside looking at the sun.

Tomorrow I'm taking DD and her best friend skiing. They ski, I drink hot coffee and write. DW is looking for something to read.

Tonight was the Rose Hill Scotch tasting and The Glenrothes that I brought home from London was the hands-down winner of the evening. What a smooth and delectable drink.

Project status:
  • Strategy Document editing Finished it today.

  • Product guide compile and edit, about to start Tuesday with first compilation due 3/26. Final by 4/6.

  • Mobile Communications Certificate, one module behind at the moment with two more due in the mail this week. That's why I'm taking a vacation later in April. Time to study!

  • Initiative reviews, feeling on track for a change, even though three weren't ready to review today as scheduled.

  • "Prayer in the Post-Christian Era" talk for the Unitarians, not started writing (April 1 presentation) but so near the surface of my thoughts that I dreamed about it last night.

  • Research paper on how people get info on how to use their mobile phones, not started. Research is done, but I need to have the paper submitted by March 30 or I don't present in Singapore.

  • Editing "Security & Exchange" still only in the fifth chapter, but I'm getting in the swing of it. We're supposed to submit for inclusion in the second edition of After Hours by end of month. Might lose by default.

  • Moving "Municipal Blondes" to its own blogsite. In progress, but nowhere near done.

  • Research for "Letters from the Revolution" is tantalizingly out there waiting for me. Will try to do some on vacation.

  • Vacation. One of the last two weeks in April. Will make reservations tomorrow. Traveling to the other Washington to visit family (new grand-niece), friends (cloverdew, littledupont, anissaanalise, and other DC writers on my FList, maybe an evening in the local pub?), and study & research.

Well, it doesn't seem like such a bad list now, does it? I just wish everything weren't due in two weeks!

Also wish my boss wasn't sick. Worried about that.

Need to get some sleep now if I'm going to get those girls up to the slopes by nine tomorrow morning.


EEP! You're coming to DC? How awesome! When are you going to be in town? The sooner I know, the better, since I work about 24/7 and would love to see you while you're in town! (I typically get two nights "off" a week, which means I'm free about 8pm and after - usually I go home to watch tv and sleep, but I'll definitely make an exception to go out if you're in town. It's also possible to do lunch in a fun neighborhood of town, since we do that with the students, but that would take a little more planning ahead of time.) Do you still have my phone number?
Okay, yes I have your number. Got any suggestions of where when to meet? I'd love to meet Angelus. I've also got Tina hunting for a time/place, so maybe we should coordinate.
Oh yes, it's April 22-27 (flying in on the 21st and out on the 28th).