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TGR, Gutenberg, Rubric

March 2015



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TGR, Gutenberg, Rubric

Sightseeing in DC

Had a great day seeing the sights of the capitol yesterday. We got a late start (it is really easy these days to sleep until 9:00) and started by taking the Metro to town. Went first to see the National Gallery of Women Artists and spent a couple of hours there, including a delightful lunch in their cafe. I got to see several works by Artemisia Gentileschi in the Italian Renaissance Women Artists exhibit. *bows down to worship* Several other really incredible Italian artists, and then a huge number of contemporary artists. Frida Kahlo, Judy Chicago, Georgia O'Keefe, Mary Cassatt, and on and on. DD loved a sculpture made entirely out of old tires!

Then we went for our walking tour, including first a trip to walk around the White House. Front entrance was completely draped so you couldn't see the door. The Elipse is completely fenced off while they do some kind of construction out there. But it was exciting to see and tell DD stories, and answer her questions. Her principle question was "How do you get to work for a congressman, president, senator, judge in Washington?" And she went through just about every possible position she could think of.
We walked up to the Washington Monument, of course way too late in the day to get a ticket to go up, and she decided that we should walk down the reflecting pool to the Lincoln Memorial. That memorial always amazes me, but for sheer solemnity, the near-by Viet Nam War Memorial leaves me silent and in awe. I think even DD was moved by it.

Then we realized that we had not yet gone to the Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery. Tip: organize the route better! It was a long walk from the end of the mall all the way to 8th St and F. We stopped for coffee at a little bookstore on 7th called Olssons. Very cool place. Then we went into the gallery. We had nowhere near enough time and have decided that we are going back this morning. There is a special exhibit from the British National Gallery opening today and we are going to try to see it when it opens. The whole gallery was just stunning and we only saw a limited couple of rooms.

DD & DW hopped the train back out to Silver Spring and I headed for Dupont Circle to meet littledupont and her boy Jersey. I ask you: What is it about these tiny little Mainahs living in DC that attracts them to such tall (six-and-a-half footers) guys? I was surprised when I saw cloverdew and Angelus on Monday to see the foot and a half difference in height, but the little one and her guy have the same height difference. We had a blast talking about everything from Nano to movies to jobs and stories of the past. We met at Soho, a little coffee shop, and then went to a Thai restaurant for dinner. Really good coffee and food. It was really nice to meet another on-line friend in her native habitat.

Well, the family is about ready to head for Portrait Gallery again, so more later.


i miss the smiths...i am so taking brandon to dc one day in the next few years. i bet that was a heck of a walk. the idea for stopping for coffee at a bookstore was very cool though.
Great fun! I'll post tomorrow about today's continued adventure sightseeing. Had to return to the Portrait Gallery. It was so cool!
What a wonderful walking tour! And yes, always more than one day of walking around ... I mean, you could walk around the Smithsonian and need a week! What is the image that sticks in your mind the most so far?

What's the weather like on that side of the US? All you're missing here is the usual overcast chill.
Today started cold and rainy (thunderstorms early this morning), but by 3:00, it was 70+ and beautiful. I think that the image currently stickingin my mind most was the portrait of JK Rowling. The Portrait Gallery has a visiting show that opened this morning from the British Portrait Gallery. The artist really captured something of her before HP was the great success, when she was sitting in a coffee shop writing because she didn't have a workspace with heat. His techniques were fascinating as he did it like a shadow box of cut-outs. Very cool.
I've heard Olssons is pretty cool... never been for some reason. I'm glad you checked out Mayorga. I guess it's the place to be. Look at you, in the city for a week and you've already discovered multiple (KL & I spent most of last year at SoHo writing and RPing and doing papers) coffee shops in the DC area. You really are a writer and a beatnik, aren't you? ;)

Sala Thai is great for Thai food, which I love. I wonder if they have Thai food in Phoenix? *ponders* Indian? *is stumped*

Wish I could have showed you guys around DC instead of my students this week... *sigh* They're a little unruly and it would have been cool to meet DD and show you guys the littls secrets I know.

I'm so glad we got to have dinner the other night. I wish we could have spent more time together and maybe gone to a coffee shop ;) I'm glad you've had a great week, though.

Maybe I'll see you in Phoenix this summer? I'd love to meet the wife and daughter, too :)
The first thing that DW and DD asked when they heard about the kind of work you do was if I had arranged for you to show us around Washington. Had to explain that you worked with student groups and wouldn't be available for private tours, much to our sorrow. We liked Olssons well enough that we went back there today.

If by Indian food in Phoenix you mean Native American and TexMex, yes. I'm sure there are a wide variety of other ethnic restaurants there as well, but we are usually so caught up in getting decent Mexican and Southwestern food that we forget to try anything else. Do, however, hope we will see you this summer. We'll let you know when/where her competition is.
Uhm, yeah... I wish I could have taken the week off to take you guys around instead... although I had a fairly good week, I also would have had a great time showing you guys around the city and so forth... Too bad we don't have any say over when we work. I'm so glad I only have two more weeks of it!

As far as Native American and TexMex, I'm so psyched. REAL Southwestern food is SOSOSOSO good! I'm hoping that there's a wealth of other stuff. Even so, I'll have to start cooking it myself, I think. And I'll actually have time to cook, what's more!
> Her principle question was "How do you get to work for a congressman, president, senator, judge in Washington?"

Oddly--or perhaps tellingly--I suspect that the answer to all of those starts with "get a law degree."

Although you can get to work for a congressperson by working on/for their campaign first, and doing a great enough job that they want to keep you around. If DD is interested, really, in that sort of thing I would suggest that she track/volunteer with Darcy Burner's campaign. The campaign is just getting going now, but since DD is too young to vote this would be a great way for her to be involved in the process and get a peek behind the curtain.

I'd be happy to put her in touch with Darcy if she's interested.
Interestingly enough, my suggestion to DD was to contact Darcy and volunteer on her campaign. She is considering that as a possible direction to get the feel for what a campaign is like. I'm pretty sure that even though her cousin is a lawyer here in DC, DD is not actively considering a law degree. She has in mind doing more organizational and PR related work. Could be a good match. We'll talk to you when we get back about contacting Darcy. Thank you for the offer!
On another note, I'm jealous of your getting to see the artwork this week... I never have enough time for that!