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TGR, Gutenberg, Rubric

March 2015



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TGR, Gutenberg, Rubric

Sightseeing DC some more

I'm scrambling this morning to try to catch up on my studies since I spent the past two days being a basic tourist in DC. We all decided we had to go back to the National Portrait Gallery. It was really beautiful. We went directly to the exhibit that just opened yesterday which is on loan from the British Portrait Gallery. It was like seeing two galleries at once. We wade through the seventeenth and eighteenth century portraits and got right to the contemporary ones. Seeing thepainting of James Joyce that we are all familiar with from across the room was really stunning. It is about eight feet tall! Pictures of Liz Taylor as a young woman, JK Rowling working on HP1, Lady Diana Spencer (Princess Diana) and so many others I can't possibly recite them. Then we walked out of that gallery directly into a long hall filled with photographs of Harry Benson. Everything from presidents to several dozen photos of the Beattles along with stories about each one. We ate lunch (nowhere near as good as the National Gallery of Women Artists) and explored the "stacks" where art is displayed on the equivalent of library shelves, row after row, for two stories. Finally got to the contemporary American artists and saw a lot of Warhol and many others.

DD wanted to buy gifts for her friends and didn't find what she wanted at the National Gallery gift store, so we went on to the Museum of Natural History. We didn't tour the museum much outside of the gift shops, but did go up to see the Hope Diamond. When we finished and she had gotten very nice gifts for her friends, we stopped at Olsson's Bookstore for coffee again and then caught the Metro for Dupont Circle where nephew and wife with the Great niece live. Got some baby-holding time and went for a walk before dinner.

I stopped at a Starbuck's because I didn't see anything else available. My last choice of places to drink coffee and now even lower than that. I ordered my usual Decaf Quad Grande Americano. First the guy wanted to charge a grande and add a shot, but I said they always charge it as a venti (that already has four shots) and I don't pay 25 cents more for less water. A "manager/barista" came up and starts giving this spiel about how there are reasons that it is priced that way and he can't charge it otherwise. What? Baristas in DC make up their own rules? So I said, fine, give me a Venti Americano with an inch and a half of room at the top. I don't want the extra coffee. Okay Venti with room. The coffee I got was filled almost to the top with water in a 20 oz cup and just accented the insipid taste of Starbuck's vending machine espresso. Blech!

Still no sine of laurenbarnholdt's book even though I check two independent booksellers at Dupont Circle.

Dinner with the family. My niece fixed the most succulent and spectacular dinner imaginable! She did a whitefish wrapped in parchment with succotash, homemade biscuits, keylime pie, crabcakes, salad. Absolutely fantastic and perfectly prepared while we all dandled her little girl and made noises about how we'd help if there was anything she'd like us to do. (no. no. I've got it all.) Indeed!

My other nephew and his girlfriend were also there (as were sis&bro-in-law). The girlfriend uses one of our devices and loves it. That's nice! Finally got home and to bed about midnight. Up this morning at 7:30 and studying. Trying to get through another section before flight time today. Maybe another on the plane. Here's hoping!


sounds fantastic. i'm so looking forward to having more time when this job ends. more time to see things - like artwork and concerts, more time to do things - like write and create art, more time to read, more time to cook, etc.

i'm currently searching for jobs on the internet, though, since i've been doing that for almost 2 hours, i think i'm going to make some breakfast and start sorting things for the move...

hope you have a safe trip home!
I've gotten through another section + this morning. I came over for one last coffee and work session at the Kefa Cafe which is usually very quiet. But for the past half hour two guys behind me have been carrying on a loud discussion of what they are working on and preparing for in the Obama campaign. Much as I like Obama, I could do without the loud discussion of strategy behind me. It makes it very hard to concentrate on anything else. Hence my LJ break! good luck getting packed!