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TGR, Gutenberg, Rubric

March 2015



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TGR, Gutenberg, Rubric

Just 330 minutes to go!

Yeah, they started a countdown in the Apple Store this morning and everyone let up a quiet cheer when the clock got under 400 minutes. If I count correctly, we're still five and a half hours away from the stores on the West Coast opening for iPhone sales. That means that the stores on the East Coast should be closed now and the folks waiting are only a couple of hours away.

I talked to a lot of people in line. Out of the first 20 or thirty people in line, only about a third are actually planning to have and use the iPhone themselves. The rest are either buying for a company, like ours, or to sell on e-Bay. Of those who are buying for themselves, the User Experience is far and away the principle selling point. One young customer said that everything just came together at one time: her cell phone was dying, she had an old iPod, her wireless contract was expiring. She figured it was time to consolidate everything into a single device and service.

Two or three others mentioned that it was the combination of being able to get rid of one device that they were enthused about. They were a little ambivalent about which they were replacing (iPod or cell phone) but overwhelmingly it was the cool interface that was attracting people. No one has indicated that they intend to use the device for Internet access or e-mail. The age of the crowd is quite varied. There are several here of college age and younger, but also some people (most upset because they had to go to the end of a line that was 50 people long when they got there) who are 40+. I would say the average age is about 30 in my estimation.

The first guy in line is a true Mac and iPod enthusiast who wants a phone for himself and one for his brother. He's been interviewed by most of the local stations and newpapers, including the AP. His reasoning is that 24 hours in line was a pretty reasonable time to wait to be on the cutting edge of the newest and hottest technology. In all likelihood, however, he wouldn't have been in line if it were anything other than Apple. That is what he defines as new and hot.


Crazy! Hope the rest of waiting goes well!

(though I have to admit, I still don't understand the whole 'obsessed with Apple culture' thing...)

Though, just maybe, the Apple Guy being in the new Die Hard and this being it's opening weekend, might be another selling point Apple didn't count on!