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TGR, Gutenberg, Rubric

March 2015



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TGR, Gutenberg, Rubric

By September 1, I'm already counting the days

Even though this has been a busy and delightful weekend with the family, I am already counting the days until November 1 and trying to make sure I am really ready to fly into the next book. By the way, I crossed the half-way point walking to the dragon this week. I'm now well over 500,000 steps. However, that is not anywhere near the pace I set for myself. I'm barely averaging over 5,000 steps a day and wanted to get up to 10,000 on a regular basis. Must do more walking (especially now that the weather is going to turn wet, of course).

I've made some progress on determining the form for Stn. George & The Dragon, but I'm fighting losing interest in it as the next Deb Riley story has begun to take shape in my mind. It is another story that I truly want to write, called Stocks & Bondage. I've done some outlining and the story of what happened has come together nicely. The story of how Deb figures it all out and puts together the pieces, nearly gets killed, and has to go undercover (this time as a 50-year-old woman) is a little slower coming together. So, I'm happy that I am not under the pressure of preparing it for Nano, but at the same time am really stressed over not making it my focus.

Not to mention how much work I've taken on in the next two or three months at the office. Like I said, not to mention...

We also heard from Chris Baty who has wished us well on our next edition of After Hours that is at the printer now. Sale coming in October. It seems, however, that nano is contributing its funds to the Young Writers Program this year rather than Room to Read. We are a little sad about that because even though we are all staunch supporters of Nano, we stand a much better chance of raising funds for Room to Read. I'm afraid that we wouldn't do too well trying to sell the books for Nano support directly. Sad.

Well, I can hardly wait to see the proof. There will be a way that you can make a donation and get a book that we'll let you know later. Until then, well... I'm counting down at four dys till I leave fore Singapore!


If our shipping department has its act together, it should show up at my office today.
If you guys want to schedule a meeting with me and talk over website requirements, I can churn that out for you pretty quickly.